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Believers Ministries Inc is an independent Bible church that looks to the Bible for guidance inliving our lives and for discovering what our God expects of us as His sons and daughters, and for help in overcoming the problems we face in life. It was founded in January 1989, and incorporated on 4th December 1990.


  • To grow people into the presence of God for the fulfillment of their life purpose
  • To prepare people to meet the Lord


At Believers Ministries, we take very seriously our mission to teach the gospel around the world. We try to be aggressive in pursuing that mission


As already indicated, we heavily emphasize the teaching of God’s word at all of our regular services. We regularly, and in much focused ways, strive to communicate the gospel throughout Nigeria and its surrounding communities by means of radio, television and the various newspapers in the area.

We are heavily involved in prison ministry, both locally and in other areas. We take seriously our identity as the Lord instructed us. Our aim is to speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent because The Bible is our only authority as to what we believe, teach and practice doctrinally. You are always welcome to worship and study with us.




For four months, I kept feeling serious heat inside my stomach. I kept hoping it would stop just like it began, but it seemed like it was getting worse with every new day. (Diagnosis- Dyspepsia- this is a burning sensation in the stomach which could be as result of either a pyloric infection, food poisoning, stomach ulcers, gastroenteritis, medication reaction and exsceesive acid in the stomach. The patient will feel a burning or gnawing pain, heart burn, burping, nausea or vomiting depending on the cause of the dyspepsia). I attended the Benin City Miracle Crusade and during the all night meeting, Pastor Osaghae prayed generally for all those that had health challenges. I placed my hands on my hot stomach right where I was in the midst of the crowd and as Pastor prayed, I suddenly felt a relief. The hot sensation is gone forever. I am healed to the glory of God. 
Sis. Blessing Ogierakh







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