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At Believers Ministries, we take very seriously our mission to teach the gospel around the world. We try to be aggressive in pursuing that mission. As already indicated, we heavily emphasize the teaching of God’s word at all of our regular services. We regularly, and in much focused ways, strive to communicate the gospel throughout Nigeria and its surrounding communities by means of radio, television and the various newspapers in the area. We are heavily involved in prison ministry, both locally and in other areas. We take seriously our identity as the Lord instructed us. Our aim is to speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent because The Bible is our only authority as to what we believe, teach and practice doctrinally. You are always welcome to worship and study with us.

We believe in the virgin birth of Christ, that He came to earth, lived a perfect life without sin and died in our place so we could be saved. Only God Himself would have the value as a sacrifice to cover the whole world’s sins
We in believers ministries believe that the Bible is the Word of God and is the absolute truth—that it is inspired and given to mankind by God as a guide for how we should live and how we can have a personal relationship with Him.
We believe in the Trinity—God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You can get a more detailed doctrinal view of what we believe the Bible teaches by requesting a free set of our Christian Fundamentals booklets that explain our belief about the Bible, about Christ and about how to be saved.



  • To grow people into the presence of God for the fulfillment of their life purpose
  • To prepare people to meet the Lord


At Believers Ministries, we take very seriously our mission to teach the gospel around the world. We try to be aggressive in pursuing that mission






My name is Mrs. Bridget Gordons, I live in Lagos State. What the Lord has done for me is amazing and I can’t hold back my testimony any more.

I was married for fifteen years without the fruit of the womb. It was a very frustrating experience that I don’t wish for any family. My husband and I used to live together in London but our issue of childlessness made me come over to Nigeria in search of a solution.

I did in-vitro fertilization (IVF) two times, but it did not work. Each IVF session cost us over a million naira and it was very depressing when it did not work each of these two times.

Having spent much money and gone through lots of psychological and emotional trauma, someone told me about Pastor Samuel Osaghae and asked me to go see him. My second IVF session had just failed at this time and I was really depressed. I came as advised to see Pastor Samuel Osaghae. This was around March 2011. I met Pastor Osaghae in the office on that fateful day and narrated my ordeal to him. Pastor counseled me from God’s word and assured me that as a born again child of God, the price for my fruitfulness had been paid by Jesus Christ. He prayed for me that day and assured me that God would visit me.

True to the words of God’s servant, I got pregnant naturally a few months after this encounter. Brethren, today I have a six months old son to the glory of God. His name is Toluwafor. God has wiped away my shame and put a song of rejoicing in my mouth. I travelled down to Benin from Lagos to share this testimony so that the people of Benin City will know that the Miracle Working Jesus is resident in Believers Ministries.  Join me celebrate the Most High God.
Mrs. Bridget Gordons




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